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The WE HEART YOU FOUNDATION's purpose is to strengthen families overall experience, with events, dinners, testimonials, information and social gatherings. Our collective group of leaders plans to grow a sustainable Non-Profit organization, and build a strong foundation for our future families in need.

The post recovery process has the greatest impact on families. The length of stay can be an uncomfortable process, and our goal is to help provide the resources each family needs to help impact their overall experience, and provide a sense of hope that a brighter future is ahead. The blogs, and shared stories will give each visitor the understanding that they are not alone, and that so many others have gone through the same process. Each pediatric unit ranges from 250 to 450 congenital heart disease (CHD) cases a year. 150 cases are considered life threatening within the first month after birth. The length of time spent in the hospital varies with each family, but each stay can be upwards to a few days, or a few months at a time. So its my pleasure to introduce to you the We Heart You Foundation, our mission, and our goal to leave an impact for years to come. 

"Thank you for all the continued support, you make this possible" 

Tony Mehlich


We Heart You Foundation


"Watch Love Grow with the Strength of our Hearts"